Paving the way for in-flight drone package exchanges

Our Idea

We seek to make package exchanges between drones possible. Currently we are developing a technology for coupling two drones together, which will pave the way for in-flight package exchanges.

You can see on the picture the high-level process:

    1. Dispatch of Fixed Wing from logistics hub flying towards the final destination
    2. Multicopter drone dispatches and flies automatically towards the fixed wing drone
    3. The two drones fly stable and physically connect autonomously in the air
    4. The two drones exchange the physical package
    5. The Multicopter drone flies and delivers the package to the exact final destination
    6. The Fixed Wing returns to the logistics hub




There is no need to land for exchanging packages.

• With our technology efficient, bi-directional transport ways will be possible.

Higher range and payload capacity compared to hybrid solutions.

Low noise pollution and intrusion into every-day life.


Worldwide unique and sole solution for coupling drones.

Coupling mechanism will be used for exchanging packages between drones.

Compensation of relative drone movements.

Active movement control when coupling and decoupling for collision avoidance.

Use Cases and functionality

Bilateral Medical Transport

With our technology travelling doctors and hard to reach places can be supplied with drugs and send samples into the lab.

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How does it work?

Our high-tech technology is not yet ready to be delivered. If you want to know more on how it works click here.

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Package Delivery

With our technology, packages can be delivered to whole urban areas without the need for a centralized storage. This combined with avoidance of traffic allows for one-hour deliveries and a way to differentiate by logistic.

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About Us

Contact me for everything business such as applicable use-cases, integration into supply chains or financial topics

Andreas Prediger

Chief Business Development Officer, Linkedin

Contact me for everything technical such as technical inquiries or collaboration ideas and requests

Leo Schuhmacher

Chief Technology Officer, Linkedin

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